[Scorpions, All 4 One – Twixx]

JD, originally from Seattle, Washington, is not your typical B-Boy. His explosive style was influenced by his early career as an athlete. Having played numerous forms of sports, including gymnastics, football, wrestling, tracking/field and also having studied martial arts, including hand to hand combat and weapons since the age of 6, he gives the signature moves of break dancing a lager than life feel. Twixx later found his love for dancing. He fused his knowledge in sports, martial arts and break dancing to create his signature style. He danced with the international acclaimed B-Boy crew “Massive Monkees” for 16 years and won numerous National & International B-Boy Competitions. In 2004, they won first place in the B-Boy World Championship 4-on-4 event in London and have appeared in many contest since then. They have also been feature on an episode of MTV’s MADE and have danced on stage with artists such as Jay-Z, Missy Elliott, Public Enemy, Ludacris and 50 Cent, among others. They were also contestants on the hit MTV show “America’s Best Dance Crew” (Season 4). As a solo artist Twixx has toured the USA with the Harlem Globetrotters and was also feature in Kelly Rowland’s “What a Feeling” music video.

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