[Typhoon – Gyroe]

It wasn’t until 1996 during my first high school dance where I recognized some exceptionally talented dancers, which really shifted my life’s path and perspective. Because of this incident, I knew I wanted the art of urban acrobatic dancing to be included in my life. From that point on, I developed an extreme passion for dancing and it has benefited and evolved all areas of my life in all ways, and still is.

My personal dance style comes from influence of interests; primarily such as Capoeira, House, Tap, Locking, Boogaloo, Swing, Lindy, Mixed Martial Arts, and Gymnastics. Although I began as a bboy, I don’t believe in limiting myself to any rules that apply to the bboy culture because I support fusing original styles, creativity, and the free form of funky soulful expressions of all types.

I had a crew long ago but they dropped out of dance life one by one. I was always opened to be in crews but felt that I lacked the skills to be in the crews to which I was interested in. As my journey to grow continued, I’ve discovered that my solo vulnerability intensified my need to advance even more, which pushed me heavily to absorb all the facts for improvement.

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